Configuring Abel to use control switches

If you are using control switches with Abel (see Connecting External Switches) so that you can start the bells ringing and call bobs etc without using the keyboard, you must configure Abel to recognise the switches before you can use them. This is a very similar process to Configuring Abel to use Bell Sensors.

Click on the Options menu item and then on External Switches. The following dialog will be displayed:

You can use up to four external switches with Abel.

For each switch that you want to configure:

If you are using serial line control signals, Abel detects signal transitions. So, for example, if you are using a simple foot switch, Abel will see one signal as you press the switch, and another as you release it. You probably want Abel to perform your command when you press the switch, so set Control Signals so that it says "Action on 1 of 2".

Clear Mappings

This button resets all switches so that they map to no command.

Saving options

When you have finished configuring your external switches, click on OK. Now click on the Options menu item and then Save Options to save your settings in the current options file (or Save Options As… to save in a different file).

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