Abel Command Line Options

Abel has some command line parameters that allow you to control which option file and which method file are used when Abel is run. If you don't specify either of these, then Abel will always start up using the last option file and method file that you used. Of course, when running Abel, you can always use File/Open or Options/Open to change to a different method collection or option file.

These parameters can be useful if you want (for example) to set up separate icons on your desktop for handbells and for tower bells, or if you want separate icons for 6 bell methods and for 8 bell methods.

The command line syntax is:

   \Abel3.exe [[/|-]o Options\Optionfilename] [Methods\MethodCollectionFilename]

You can use either a / (slash) or a - (hyphen) before the 'o' option.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Abel 3\Abel3.exe" -o Options\hand.opf

This will run Abel using the handbell options file.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Abel 3\Abel3.exe" -o Options\tower.opf Methods\10bell.mcf

This will run Abel using the tower bell options file and will load the 10-bell method collection.

Creating additional desktop icons

One way to create additional desktop icons that load the particular Abel configurations that you want is as follows:

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