Compositions - Overview

Compositions tell Abel what to do with methods that it knows about, or what sequence of call changes to call.

Before you can ring one of Abel's methods, you need to choose both the method and the composition to ring. The simplest composition is the plain course, which will always be set up when you create a new Method Collection File.

You add compositions by selecting the Edit menu item, and then clicking on Add Composition.

You can edit an existing composition by selecting Edit and then clicking on Edit Composition.

You can delete an existing composition by selecting Edit and then clicking on Delete Composition.

Abel has four ways of defining compositions:

You cannot mix the various styles of notation in a single composition. All styles will allow you to define spliced compositions.

Method compositions in Abel can be either Generic or Specific. Generic compositions don't specify the method and can therefore be used for any method in the current method collection. You should be careful when you select a Generic composition, as it may not work properly to all methods in the method collection. Specific compositions contain explicit references to the method or methods to which they apply. Abel will only ever ring the specified methods in a Specific composition. You can have up to 100 methods in a Specific composition.

Click on one of the options below to find out more about compositions.

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