Editing method compositions

You edit an existing method composition by selecting the Edit menu item, clicking on Edit Composition, then selecting the method composition to edit. The Edit Composition dialog is shown:

Make the changes you want to the composition using normal editing controls. You can change the name or the composition details. Remember that to add a new method, you must double click the methods list in the left hand box, not just type the name of the method.

If you change the type of composition from Call-place to Lead-end (or vice-versa), you will probably need to completely re-enter the composition. Abel will attempt to recognise the type of composition you have entered and will display a warning message if it thinks you are using the wrong notation.

The normal Windows editing controls (select, delete, copy, cut, paste, etc.) work in the composition box. If you copy or cut a part of the composition, you can also paste it into other programs (eg, a word processor). Note however that you cannot paste text from other programs into Abel compositions.

When you have finished editing the composition, click on OK to store the new composition in the current method collection, or click on Cancel to abandon your changes and revert to the original composition.

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