Random method compositions - Examples

Here are some examples of random method compositions for use in Abel. All the examples here are legal Abel compositions.

Pla pb

This will ring Plain Bob only, with about a 50-50 split between plain leads and bob leads.

If you want to practice bobs, then you can increase the number of times that bobs will be called compared to plain leads by:

Pla p bb
Pla p 2(b)

This will call (on average) twice as many bobs as plain leads.

If you want to call some spliced surprise minor, to test yourself on the method changes, you might enter something like:

Cam Ips 3(pb)s

This will call Cambridge and Ipswich, in approximately equal amounts. Plain leads, bobs and singles will be used, with approximately one lead in seven being a single (3 plains to 3 bobs to 1 single, proportionately).

If you want to practice 8 spliced, but are not very confident about London or Bristol and therefore want more leads of these methods, you might enter something like:

# Random touch of 8 spliced - more London and Bristol
# than other methods; plain leads and bob leads in the
# ratio 3:2
Cam Lin Yor Sup Pud
4 (Lon Bri)
ppp bb

Important Note. Touches generated by Abel using random compositions are exactly that - they are NOT guaranteed to be true, not to split the tenors, or be musical. They are for practice only. If truth or musicality is important to you, then you should use other means to generate touches.

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