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Command Description
Blue Line Turn on or off the blue line display at the right hand side of the screen
Striking Display Turn on or off the striking monitor below the bells. If the monitor is on, Abel also gives feedback on your striking in the title bar of each bell as you ring with the simulator, and gives you a score out of ten when the simulator stops.
Bell Movement Turn on or off bell movement. With movement off, Abel's bells won't move on screen
User Bell Movement Turn on or off movement of bells being rung by the user.
Highlight Bell to Follow Turn on or off highlighting of the bell you have to follow when you are ringing with Moving Ringers (on more than three bells). This is intended for use when using Abel with external bells, and for keyboard ringing when Ringing>UserStartsBellMovement is turned on.
Conducting Bar* Controls the Bob, Single etc. toolbar
File Bar* Controls the New, Open, and Save toolbar
Progress Bar Controls the toolbar that shows how many changes you've rung and how long they've taken
Ringing Bar* Turns on or off the cassette-recorder buttons on the toolbar.
Tower Bar* Turns on or off the toolbar that contains the autostart, reset etc. controls.
Status Bar Turns on or off the status bar at the bottom of the window.
Place Notation Turns on or off the place notation display in the status bar.
Port Monitor If you have external bells connected, displays the port monitor
Show Tips at Startup Allows you to turn tips back on again at startup, if you've previously turned them off.

* Note: if you're running on a Windows 95 PC that doesn't have Internet Explorer 4 (or later) installed, the Conducting Bar, File Bar, Ringing Bar and Tower Bar are combined into a single toolbar, controlled by the File Bar menu item.

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