Options and Settings

Abel lets you set many options that control the ringing, the general appearance of the screen and printed touches, the sounds that Abel makes, the keys which you use for various commands, and configuration of external bells and switches. See the Options menu for further details.

Abel saves sets of options in option files; the basic Abel installation includes option files suitable for tower bell and handbell ringing on a PC without external bells and switches. Immediately after installation, Abel uses the tower bell option file: you can open a different option file via the Options menu Open Option File.

If you change any options, you can save the changes in the same option file (Options/Save), or in a new option file (Options/Save As). You can thus create new option files, to suit your own preferences. If you change options and then exit from Abel without saving them, Abel asks you whether you want them saved.

Abel also records other settings, such as the name of the current method collection, composition, method, and option file; the rotation of the bell circle; the size of Abel's window, and the things controlled by the View menu. When you start Abel it automatically has the same settings as when you last used it - and thus automatically uses the same option file, too.

For Windows versions from Vista onwards, each user login has its own record of settings and option files; thus one user of the PC can change options and settings without affecting other users (these are generally stored in username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files). For all previous versions of Windows, all users share settings and option files.

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