End User Licence and Guarantee

We aren't lawyers, so we aren't going to bore you with a lot of small print here! This section is intended to tell you how we mean Abel to be used, but we aren't going to take you to court if you break the rules. Basically, the profits of Abel go to charity, including The Ringing Foundation, and we hope that you won't want to defraud those good causes. So we trust you to be honest.

End User Licence

Our intent is that this copy of Abel is for use in one of two ways:

If other people want to use Abel on their PCs, they're welcome to buy their own copies, but not to use this one!


Abel carries a lifetime money-back guarantee. If at any time you are not happy with Abel and want your money back, we will refund it without question. However, that is the limit of our guarantee and liability. We have tested Abel, and believe it is fit for purpose as a bell ringing simulator in towers and at home. We believe it is reasonably free of bugs. We believe it contains no viruses (we use an up-to-date virus checker). If Abel misbehaves, in these or any other matters, the limit of our liability as individual authors and distributors, and of the liability of AbelSim Ltd (the company which distributes profits from Abel to charity), is to refund your money.

That said, we will be very pleased if you report any bugs you find to us, and will use reasonable endeavours to fix the bugs and provide you with an updated version of the program. We can't guarantee to succeed, though!

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