AbelSim Privacy Policy

What do I know about you?

If you buy a download of Abel or Mabel (via the website), PayPal tells me your name (as known to PayPal) and email address. If you buy a CD via the website, PayPal also tells me the delivery addres for the CD. If you buy a CD by sending me a cheque, I know whatever you put in your letter, and the details on the cheque.

If you buy a download of Mobel from Apple App Store or Google Play store, Apple and Google do not tell me any information about you.

If you enter into any correspondence with me, I know whatever you tell me, plus the email or postal address for the correspondence.

What do I do with the information?

If you order a CD, I use the delivery address to send it to you. If you order a download or CD, I may use your email address to correspond with you (though this is rare, except for acknowledging receipt of a CD order). However, I never send out mass mailings.

How long do I keep the information?

If you send me a cheque, I bank it. I do not retain the information on it.

All the rest of the information mentioned above I may keep indefinitely. AbelSim Ltd (the company that distributes profits from Abel/Mabel/Mobel sales to charities) has to report annually to HMRC etc, and I keep records of sales in case HMRC should ever be interested. I keep most email correspondence etc in case it should be relevant to future queries.

On request, I will delete all correspondence with you, and will delete sales information when it is beyond the HMRC time limits in force at the time.

Information sharing

I never share any of the information I have about you with anyone.