Keyboard controls reference

This section lists all the keys you can use to control Abel and the ringing.

Function Keys Description
F1 Display help system
F2 Silence: leave all bells ringing, but stop them making a noise; also silences prompts
F3 Pause
F4 Reset external connections
F5 Bob
F6 Single
F7 Call X
Ctr+F7 Call Y
F8 Plain
F9 Start the bells ringing rounds
F10 Auto start. Abel (optionally) fits in to the speed the bell is ringing.
F11 Go next time
F12 Back to start (if you started from a row other than rounds)

Control Keys Description
Ctrl+B Rotate the bell circle to put a specified bell at bottom right (left if anticlockwise ring)
Ctrl+L Save a striking file in "Lowndes" format, for analysis by CAS striking analysis software. It is saved in an "AbelSim\Striking" folder in My Documents.
Ctrl+M Select a method from the current method collection and composition
Ctrl+N Create a new, empty, method collection file
Ctrl+O Open a method collection file
Ctrl+P Print the contents of the blue line window
Ctrl+R Reset striking statistics, clear striking records
Ctrl+S Save the current method collection file
Ctrl+T Select a composition (touch) from the current method collection
Ctrl+U User Starts Bell Movement. This applies only when you have moving bells pictures selected: see Screen and Print Options for full details

You can change many of the keys in the table below, by clicking Options/Keyboard Mappings. The table shows Abel's standard mappings.

Key Description
Esc Stops Abel from performing the current action: in a method, it forces rounds; in rounds, it calls stand. In a dialog, it exits the dialog. If the ringing is paused, Esc will restart it.
G A multi-function key. Does "Start" if the bells are not ringing; "Go" if the bells are in rounds; "Bob" if the bells are ringing a method.
W Pause (Wait)
Q Silence (Quiet)
K Faster ("Kwicker")
D Slower ("Slow Down")
A Bob
; Single
P Plain
X Call X
Y Call Y
. (dot) Stop at rounds (toggle)
< Lower pitch of bells
> Raise pitch of bells
L Blue line on/off
J First manual bell
F Second manual bell
R Third manual bell
U Fourth manual bell
S Show striking review
1 .. 8 Change method


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