Adding methods from the microSIRIL library

The easiest way to add a method to one of Abel's method collections, providing that method has already been rung and named, is to click on the Get from microSIRIL library button on the Add Method dialog (see Adding Methods). These microSIRIL libraries contain over 9000 methods. You can download updated libraries from the Internet.

When you click on the Get from microSIRIL library button, you are presented with a dialog from which you must choose a method type:

Choose the type of method you want by double-clicking on it, or by highlighting it and clicking on OK. You will then be presented with the Type method name dialog:

If you start typing the name of the method you are looking for, Abel will try to complete the name automatically, using the method names it has found in the microSIRIL library, so you only need to type as much of the name as is necessary to identify it uniquely. When you've found the method name you are looking for, press the return key, or click OK.

Alternatively, if you click the Browse button, Abel will show a list of the names and place notation for the methods in the selected microSIRIL library, so that you can browse for one that you want. For example, for Surprise Major:

To select a method, either double click it, or click it and then click OK.

When you've selected a method from the microSIRIL library, Abel will fill in values in the Add method dialog. You may need to change the method name to add spaces and punctuation, and you need to check that the calls have been configured correctly. Abel supplies conventional calls for single hunt and twin hunt methods, including extremes and omits for doubles, but doesn't even try for principles! Note that the doubles calls follow Central Council rules - which are sometimes different to the calls given in the "red book" Diagrams. Thus you may want to change the calls to match Diagrams, or local convention in your tower, or specify a doubles variation. NOTE that if you change the "starting at" row for a call (eg, specifying a different bob for a doubles variation), you should remove any other calls that you don't need, or perhaps change them to the same start row; if you have calls starting at different rows, this complicates compositions - see Lead End Compositions.

Abel will look for a pre-recorded voice file with the same name as the method. If the method you have chosen doesn't have a pre-recorded voice file, you may like to add one yourself or choose an alternative. See Configuring methods for more information about the pre-recorded method names. If you don't choose a voice file, Abel will say "Go Next Time" when you ring the method.


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