Print Options

Abel lets you specify the font (character) size to be used for printing, and also whether the lines of the treble and other trace bells are to be printed in colour, as well as the general style of the printed output. If you click the Options menu, and then Screen/Print Options, the following dialog appears:

You set the printer font size using the up/down arrows at the bottom left of the dialog. The size is in points, from 4 point to 24 point. This documentation is 10 point; 4 point is very small indeed,and 24 point is quite big.

If you don't want Abel to use colour for printing the treble and other trace bells, click the box at bottom left to remove the cross.

The controls in the top half of the dialog are relevant to both printing and the blue line display on screen.

In addition to these options, you can also specify the Page Setup to be used when printing.

You can choose one of four Print Styles:

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