Page Setup

You can tell Abel the paper size you're using, and whether you want any margins to be left around the edges of the page. You can also specify whether printing is to be landscape or portrait orientation. Click the File menu, then Page Setup and a standard Windows dialog appears:

The Paper Size box initially matches the size you have set for your printer. You can change it here if you've temporarily changed your paper size: click the down-arrow at the right hand end of the box, and select a different paper size. It'll revert to the printer's normal size the next time you run Abel.

The Paper Source box depends on the capabilities of your printer. For many printers there is only one source of paper.

The Orientation box allows you to specify whether the output is to be printed in Portrait or Landscape orientation. When you start up Abel, it initially uses the default page orientation for your printer. You can change it here by clicking the appropriate "radio button". It'll revert to the printer's default orientation the next time you run Abel.

The Margins boxes allow you to specify margins round the edge of the page. Abel won't print in these. Initially, the margins are the same values that you specified when you last ran Abel.

If you want to print several methods on the same sheet of paper, you can print the first with a small margin, then the second with a wide enough margin to ensure the first is not overwritten, and so on.

Notice that if you change the Orientation of the page, the margins rotate to match (for example, the left margin in portrait orientation moves to bottom in landscape, staying on the long side of the paper.

Warning: if you change the orientation of printing in your default printer setup between runs of Abel, this can confuse Abel's notion of which margin is which; you may then need to correct the margins when you next run Abel.

If you click the Printer button, you get a printer-dependent dialog that allows you to configure your printer settings.

When you have set up the page as you want it, click OK. Or click Cancel if you decide not to change the page setup.

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