We believe the Abel program and its data to be substantially bug free, and have tested it quite extensively, but do not guarantee it has no bugs (see End User Licence and Guarantee). Your purchase of the program has not bought any support services for it; you get what you get. However, if you think you have found a bug, and give us evidence that enables us to resolve it, we will be extremely grateful, and will use reasonable endeavours to fix it and make an update via our website (see below).

If you want to discuss any aspect of Abel, or need help with any problems, you can contact us by email, phone or post (a stamped addressed envelope would be appreciated).

Latest information on Abel is available on the Abel website, where you will also find free downloads of the most recent version of the program.

Program Updates

Updates to Abel are released via the download page at the AbelSim website. They are free to those who have bought an Abel CD or download.